Our Custom Machining and Wood Finishing Services

Slab Flattening

We offer Slab and Table Top Flattening.

With our 6ft x 16ft Table, we can Flatten any Twisted or Warped Slab in a Breeze, Big or Small. Bring it on!!

Custom Planing/Sanding

We offer custom Sanding Services on our 53" Planer Sander Machine. Bring us your rough lumber and slabs, and we will reveal the beauty of your wood while you wait, keeping you involved with every step of the process.

Custom Straight Line Ripping

With Our Super Heavy Duty Ripsaw, we will slice any slabs and rip your lumber to the desired width.

Custom Tables

Your Lumber or Ours,

Let our experienced team prepare your Slabs, or choose from our selection to Make that Masterpiece Table for you!

Metal Table Bases

Custom designing and Fabricating to your specs. Anything tube or sheet metal we can produce for you. Bring us a Picture and dimensions, and take home the Bases! Matte Black Powdercoated is standard, or take them raw metal. No Order too big or small. See the gallery below for design options.

Live Edge Slabs

Variety of slabs available. Contact us with your needs. Walnut, Maple, Ash, and any other domestic hardwoods. Call or Email us today for a discussion!