Duo Finishing Oil With Catalyst


DUO Finishing is a catalyzed oil finish system made from high quality vegetable resins that provides long-lasting protection for interior wood and epoxy surfaces. Its tough, nonoverlapping formulation provides a beautiful satin-matte sheen while creating an effective stain barrier. DUO provides a high tolerance to abrasion, humidity, chemical and mechanical attacks, making it the ideal finish for high-use and heavy-duty surfaces. If your beautiful oiled wood table is starting to lose its shine, there’s no need to sand it to restore it: a cleanup with an appropriate product and the application of a thin coat of DUO will be enough to bring it back to its original luster. The use of Catalyst improves performance, drying speed and reduces curing time by 1/3!

  • High quality oils and vegetable resins
  • Create no overlapping effect
  • Waterproofs, protects and enhances the wood grain in one coat
  • No need to sand to refresh the finish
  • High tolerance against wear, abrasion, chemical and mechanical attacks
  • Catalyst improves performance and reduces cure time by 1/3
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Waterproofs and protects in one coat

Does not create any overlapping effect

High tolerance against wear and stains

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